These are the raw, uneditted text messages and facebook posts that were originally posted on our private facebook group, #KiersBaby2015 Prayer/Updates. They are being reposted here to share the same story, as all of our friends and family originally has it shared.

July 21

Hey. Could you guys say a little prayer for Jenelle and I.
I am hoping it is nothing, but there is some concern from the doctors that something may be wrong with our baby. There is more transnucal fluid(?) than expected.
We have some tests this week (hopefully) to get more information.

Please don't contact Jenelle about it at this time. We will let you know when we know more.
Thanks for the prayers. Hoping it is nothing. 

As normal, please keep this on the downlow.

July 23

*another mass text*
Just an update to you all. We haven't heard anything back from doctors yet.
However, we are less worried than we originally were because we have read up on the tests more and feel they are less dire than the doctor implied.
We are still waiting for more tests though to give us better information.
As of right now, we are trusting God everything is fine and believe the odds are in our favour.
Will update you again when we know more.

July 24

Quick update.  thanks for praying y'all
We got our blood test results back and they were normal. So that is a good sign.
Next Tuesday we have an appointment at the Alec to get another ultrasound done.
Jenelle is doing much better, so you can feel free to touch base with her if you'd like. 
We will send an update on Wednesday (probably) but thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

July 29

An update. We had another ultrasound today.
The transnucal fluid sack has increased in size from 4.5 to 6.8mm (3 is normal).
This is not good. We are looking into another non-invasive prenatal test to get more information, but it is about $1000; so we are making sure my HSA will cover it.
It will take 10 days but will give some concrete answers.
Currently it looks like we have a 1:62 chance of Downs Syndrome, a way smaller chance of a few other chromosomal problems (ex. turners syndrome), or possibly heart problems. None of these is good.
Please pray for the following:
1) our baby's health. That it is 100% healthy
2) that this test is covered
3) for jenelle's anxiety levels
4) for both of our mental state

Thanks for praying.

If you'd like to chat with Jenelle, txt her first and she can call as soon as it is convenient.

August 8

So. Exciting news. We heard back from the genetic test that Jenelle took. Baby has been effectively cleared of the main worrisome genetic complications. 
We are very excited and praising God for the good news.
We still have a appt with a cardiologist to perform a fetal echo ultrasound to check on baby's heart, so please continue praying. But we are super excited about the news we have already gotten.
Thanks for your support!

August 10

Sorry about another mass txt.
If you are interested and free this Wednesday, we would like to invite you over for dessert at 7pm for a fun reveal of our baby's gender. Part of our testing let us know the gender, and we can't keep quiet.
If you are up for it, come on by. If you can't make it, we will let you (and the world) know soon after. 
Thank you again for praying for us.

Aug 20

Hello friends. We have another ultrasound today. Hoping for more good news. If you could say a quick prayer, we'd be appreciative. Thanks. 
Fetal echo came back normal. Breathe holding released. Thanks everyone for the prayers and thoughts. 

Aug 28

First video of ‪#‎KiersBaby2015‬. Yes, we are over-sharing already and she isn't even born! She was 13week 4days when these were taken. This is especially for Nancy Ward and Shirley Berge.

View Video Here

Sept 3

**mass prayer request**
Sorry about the long message. If it seems cut off, message me and I will resend broken up. (That is for you, android users)

Hey y'all. Hoped I would never have to message this group message again, but here we go.
Had the 18 week ultrasound today. Turns out that we ruled out Downs, t-13, t-18, turners, and congenital heart defect; but there is a huge spectrum more fun.
KiersBaby has something wrong with her. We don't know details yet. We won't know till end of next week.
I feel bad burdening a bunch of you with this, but we could really use your prayers and support.

Right now we know something is wrong. We don't know if it is life/death wrong or just a harder life; but we could use a miracle.
I promise to share more as it comes in. Till then, feel free to connect with me. Jenelle is pretty upset right now, so try not to overwhelm her; but you can get in touch if you'd like.

Sept 10

Hey everyone. Tomorrow is our big meeting with our specialists. We are praying for great news; that our daughter is perfectly healthy. 
However, that would be contrary to what our doctors have already said. In short, we are asking for a miracle.
So, we'd love if you'd take some time tomorrow and say a prayer for us at ~1pm. For healing for our baby and peace for Jenelle and I.

We really appreciate the support you have given us as friends and family. Thank you.

If you want to send an encouraging word to Jenelle, or myself, before the meeting, please do.
After 1pm though; please wait until we contact you.  thanks.

Sept 11

Hey everyone. Thanks for your prayers. Unfortunately today was less informative than we originally expected. We did get some hopeful news, but the specialist we need to hear from is now scheduled for next week.

Anyway, we are going to be setting up a private Facebook group to keep everyone informed going forward. Let me know if you would rather get updates by SMS, because only those who indicate they want txt will get them in the future. 

Thanks, and please continue to pray for us and our munchkin. We appreciate the support more than you know.

Sept 15

Tomorrow Jenelle and I have an appointment with a specialist who will be trying to give us more information on what is wrong with our munchkin. This is the person we thought we were meeting with last week. 
Please specifically pray for peace for Jenelle and I. We aren't expecting great news from this visit, as this is simply a diagnosis based on past tests, but we would like it to be as positive as possible.

Our next visit where we will be able to see the effect of prayer is the 26th. So pray for us for tomorrow; but expect a miracle on the 26th. Nothing else will do. 

Sept 23

This is just a quick update to ask again and remind you to pray for our little girl; especially for this Friday. We are going in for the first ultrasound since we got the worst of the news, and we are praying that this one will be a complete turnaround; a complete, 100% healing! This is a defining moment, and we are looking forward to sharing a testimony of how amazing God's power is. We know that He can heal her!

God is our refuge and strength,
always ready to help in times of trouble.
So we will not fear when earthquakes come
and the mountains crumble into the sea.
Psalm 46:1-2 (NLT) (we are hoping Ps 47:1-2 is Saturdays verse ;) )

Sept 25

Quick update:
Our appointment is tomorrow at ~3pm. We are eager to see what God has done in our little girl.

Jenelle is already sleeping soundly already; which is a miracle itself. The hope and peace we are currently experiencing is quite amazing.

Goodnite. And may God bless all you who are holding us up in prayer. I don't know if we could do this without your support. We really, really appreciate it. Thank you so much. 

Sept 26

Well, I will be honest. We don't really have words at the moment. We are not okay. We don't want to talk about it. We do want you to keep praying for us. 
The tests today did not show any improvement in the development of our little one. We know God can still do a miracle, there is not a deadline on His power, but today was a really hard time. 
Thanks for your prayers. 
"I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me." Ps 16:8

Will put a more detailed update tomorrow.

Sept 27 

Here is the promised update. We want to be transparent with you. So, here we go…

Up until now we haven't shared the whole story. We haven't for a number of reasons. 

One, it seems emotionally exhausting to actually type it all out. (note, this took over an hour to write) 

Two, we didn't want to put what is wrong into writing, because it seems to make it more official. 

Three, we wanted people to fervently pray for our little girl; and we thought that the facts could be a stumbling block for some people. 

We now feel it is time to share.

When we found out Jenelle was pregnant, we were very excited. We had only been trying for a couple months, and felt very lucky to be pregnant so soon. We have been looking forward to this time since we got married; me being 30 and us expanding our family. 

We announced to our family pretty early. At seven weeks; mostly because we were able to get everyone together from both sides of the families (something very hard to do), and because Jenelle sucks at secrets.

Her doctor asked us if we were interested in an early ultrasound, and we were so excited to see 'it' we jumped at the opportunity. A couple days later we got a surprising phone call. 

"Something is wrong in the ultrasound", Jenelle told me through tears on the phone, "Our baby could be born we Downs, or without a brain"

I immediately called her doctor to clarify what Jenelle was told. Turns out that there is a sack of fluid behind the babies neck when they start developing. That size of that sack can possible be an indicator of genetic birth defects. Our measurement was 4.5mm; it should be less than ~3.5mm. The doctor tried to be encouraging, saying that this could be nothing; but it was still stressful.

My research encouraged us because I found that there was a high rate of false positives with this approach/ test. The truth is, this test it more often nothing, than something.

We got referred to the Royal Alex Perinatal Unit for a follow up ultrasound. We paid attention as they did the measurements on the screen. The new ultrasound found the transnuchal  scan (NT scan) measurement to 6.8mm.

The ultrasound doctor, Dr Chandra, started to explain what this means to us. We were then brought into a board room to meet with the department's Genetic Counsellors. They told us that we had a 1:62 risk of the baby having Downs Syndrome (trisomy-21) based on the original 4.5mm measurement. And a lesser risk of trisomy-13, trisomy-18, turners syndrome, or congenital heart defect. 

We were given two options. 1) a CVS, which is when they take a biopsy of the placenta and test that for genetic problems; with a 1:100 chance of spontaneous miscarriage, or 2) a amniocentesis in a couple weeks; with a 1:200 chance of spontaneous miscarriage. We had discussed beforehand and decided not to pursue ANY invasive testing that could hurt our child.

When we declined both, they offered a third solution. A ~$900 Harmony blood test that would do the same thing as an amnio, but simply through blood drawn from Jenelle. We were warned it probably would not be covered by insurance; even though Ontario Health Care pays for it for anyone there. (yes, I am bitter).

It was a worrisome week. I looked up a lot of information on the odds, the testing we had done, and learned a lot about Downs syndrome. We mourned the possible loss of the  child we had imagined; and started making new dreams of how it would be to have a downs child. And we prayed; a lot.

However, I got a phone call the next Friday (Aug 8) saying that the test had come back negative for trisomy-13, 18, 21 and turners syndrome. A plus of the Turners Syndrome test was that we were also given the option to find out what we were having. 

I three-wayed Jenelle into the call, updated her on the good news, and we found out we are having a little girl.

That week, we invited a few friends and family over for a gender reveal party. Jenelle made cupcakes, and we celebrated in the back yard. 

Next we had a test to check in on the heart of our little girl, to see if that could be causing the transnucal fluid to have built up. Sadly, I was in Boston for a conference the day that Jenelle had her Fetal Echo (a heart ultrasound) with the cardiologist. 

Jenelle told me that after checking into the heart, he told her, with a smile, "The heart is developing exactly as it should be. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. There is good blood flow from the placenta into the umbilical cord, and through he heart. We don't want you to come back. Get out of my hospital." :)

He even let her record the heartbeat, for me, on her phone. 

She called me with the good news, and sent the heartbeat to me. I listened to it while walking out of my conference. A lady walking beside me, a designer for campaign monitor, commented on my facial expression, and I told her I was hearing my babies heartbeat for the first time. I let her listen too. And I celebrated with some random person the beauty of hearing 'perfection'. 

This was the highest point in our journey. The mountain top, so to speak. 

Our next ultrasound was the 18 week one. It is amazing how much happened in those 6 weeks prior. 

At that ultrasound we saw our beautiful little girl, and were happy to see her moving around. The 18 week ultrasound is the one when they measure all of the bones and organs to ensure that babies are growing correctly. Jenelle started to get worried when some of the on-screen measurements were saying numbers less than 18w2d. I tried to assure her that it was ok, that babies are all different, that she didn't need to worry; I tried to keep her calm. The ultrasound tech didn't really say much during the test. 

Dr Chandra; the same ultrasound doctor from before came in after and verified the tech's measurements. She then informed us that the the babies long bones were measuring three weeks behind the rest of her body, which implies a form of dwarfism, and that there were some abnormalities in the development of her brain and skull shape. She believed that the baby had some sort of genetic problems that were causing both the skeletal dysplasia and the brain underdevelopments (which looked like it could be dandy-walkers). She explained that the dwarfism (skeletal dysplasia) and the brain abnormalities were most likely connected. 

It turns out that there are many, many types of dwarfism. However, most of the dwarfs that we are familiar with are of one type/cause; Achondroplasia. The reason that is the type we are most familiar with, is because almost every other type of short long bone skeletal dysplasia are not viable for life outside the womb. Usually the rib cage is not large enough for the baby to be able to breathe after birth. Also, other organs often suffer from the smaller chest cavity.

Since the brain issues were ties to the dwarfism; we were told that they are very sure that our daughter does not have Achondroplasia. 

In order to take a better look at the brain, Jenelle was scheduled for an MRI. That in itself is a fun story; one of smoothies, broken toes, strapping her down, and cameras that made her feel like she was in a human waffle iron.

We were then scheduled for a follow up appointment on Sept 11. We had you all pray for us because this was when all the information was going to help narrow down our diagnosis. Dr Chandra informed us that the MRI showed that baby's brain was slightly better than they originally thought. 

Originally they though the cerebellum was completely separated (full dandy walkers syndrome), but it is actually just quite underdeveloped; but was actually connected. However, they also informed us that the corpus callosum was either severely underdeveloped, or non existent. That is the part of the brain that connects the left and right hemispheres; which, surprisingly, is less important than you'd think (but still bad).

However we didn't get much in the way of diagnosis, since the meeting with the Geneticist ended up being delayed until Sept 16. :(

On Sept 16 we met with the Geneticist, Dr Leonard, and were told a lot of things; the primary of which is that our daughter would most likely not survive after birth and that the government would pay for us to have genetic testing to try to figure out what went wrong. 

She explained that this is 'most likely' a 100% completely random genetic mutation that happened in the sperm or egg. However, there is a small chance it could be that Jenelle and I both share a rare genetic recessive gene that is causing this. If that is true, our odds for it happening again are 25%, or 1:4. 

So, we will most likely be getting a late term amniocentesis to try and see if we can narrow it down to an exact diagnosis before baby is born; otherwise we will be getting a full spectrum of genetic testing done after she is born; on her and us. 

As of now though, they cannot narrow down what it is based on the information they have. What they can tell us is what they think it is not. They do not think it is Achondroplasia. All the other ones that she listed off end in death. Some stillborn, others within the hours or days or weeks of her birth.

None of this was really new news to us though. We had been prepared beforehand by Dr Chandra to expect this. After the meeting was over, Jenelle and I were weirdly impressed/surprised that our situation made a doctor, our geneticist, cry. It also made Dr Leonard our favourite doctor of this journey thusfar; even though she gave the worst news.

This was the lowest we had been in our journey so, naturally, we went out for frozen yogurt with my sister. It is really weird how grief affects you.

Yesterday was our D-Day. It was the follow up ultrasound to the 18 week one. This ultrasound was the one we rallied everyone together for to pray for a turn-around. Having a goal helps unite people, and we hoped that our friends and family would help us in our petition to God to change the outcome of what we have heard until now. It was the first time we would remeasure her bones since we got the terrible news.

However, yesterday's ultrasound was the least dramatic or eventful ultrasound yet. Everything was status quo. Everything measured as expected; her bones and brain are still looking behind schedule. Her bones grew a little, but are now more than 3 weeks behind the rest of her torso. 

Dr Chandra checked up how we were doing and if we were still getting the amnio at 32-35 weeks. 

And that was it…

We placed so much hope, and so much passion and prayer into this uneventful event, that we were crushed when we left and nothing seemed to come of it. We are a little devastated that it seems like no miracle is coming our way.

We are not giving up. We are still hoping that we can convince God that our situation is one He should intervene supernaturally in, but we have also decided that we are going to start preparing ourselves for the worst. 

Just so you know, there is no more risk to Jenelle than a regular pregnancy would be. FYI.

So far, her OBGYN has said she is perfectly healthy, and right on track where she should be.

I do not know how to explain how we feel right now. Some of you understand, because you have been in a similar place before. Even though our situation may be different than yours, you can remember, dimly, the feelings. 

Jenelle describes it as her heart breaking, her soul aches. I feel quite lost, ignorant, and powerless.

We would like to end this with encouragement that we do not believe we have been abandoned by God, and that we have felt him being so faithful with us on a personal level. He has lifted us, gone before us, and stayed behind us. There is no part in this journey that we have not seen Him move; even if it is not in the way that we desperately crave. Although Jenelle is heartbroken, the anxiety and fear that she has felt over this situation has almost all disappeared. She has been able to sleep at night, nightmare free, for weeks now. We have also been able to see how God has moved every day, despite our situation. God has given us a hope for tomorrow, and has helped us walk through this journey day-by-day. He has been truly faithful, and will continue to be so.

God has also given Jenelle the ability to rejoice in her pregnancy, and in every movement she feels from our daughter. This is something she had originally felt stolen from her. 

He has restored some of our joy, however healing will not be complete until the journey is done.

We also really care about our friends and family, and know this can be hard on your all. I realize that I never really knew how to handle situations like this before, and I am no expert now. But, I figure I will tell you some of our thought on how we would like people to act, so you can know how you can act with/around us. 

- Please pray for us. Pray for a complete miracle, a full healing. Pray for our mental state and strength. Pray for us in private, or, if you'd like, in public. We crave your intersession. 

- You can talk to us about it. I, Stephen, will usually answer any questions you have. Jenelle may defer you to me; but usually can can still ask her.

- Do not suggest or allude to termination. To put this argument to rest, we are already to far along to be able to consider it. We never would terminate, even if it was an option, and it isn't. Nothing frustrates us more than the suggestion to kill our baby (the baby that Jenelle feels and I have seen via ultrasound) simply because it makes our lives harder. We would give anything for her to have the best chance.

- Please still celebrate your joy with us. I will admit that sometimes it physically hurts to see babies, or to hear good news about our friend's pregnancies, or other joyous event; but it also makes us happy. We will take any joy we can in our lives. We are so excited for our friends, and we want to celebrate with/for them. 

- Please invite us to things. We need to keep busy, or we will become crazy cat people. Seriously. Actually, maybe we will become crazy ferret people. Nobody wants that.

- We may decline your invitations. But don't take it personally. I think of the scene in PS I Love You (yeah I  know…) where she avoids her friends for a while because their joy hurts her so much. We may not be able to handle people some days, and we are sorry. Please see the previous point.

- Be our friends. Keep the status quo as much as possible. It is easier when people act normal. Don't avoid our situation, but also don't focus on it. We don't want every single get together to be focused on our situation.

-Don't tell us how strong we are. What choice do we have, and we hate wanting to correct you and tell you how we aren't strong.

Just so you know, here are some of our fears:

- We don't want to be debbie downers. We are really scared of annoying everyone we know with 'woe is us'

- We are afraid people will avoid us because they don't know how to act around us. Please don't

- We are afraid of you become desensitized and stopping caring. 

- As Christian leaders, we are afraid of everything we are doing being judged through some theological lens. We aren't perfect.

- We are afraid of being transparent, see above. But we are trying

We appreciate, more than words can say, that you have been standing with us this far in our journey. We are still praying for and believing for our daughter to be healed. I am not sure when it is realistic to stop praying for healing, but we plan on praying until the say she is either healed, or Jesus has taken her home. We also pray that God blesses you for holding us up in prayers. I do not how we would survive this without your prayers, your friendships, and God's power.

Thanks for you prayers. Hope to see you soon.

Oct 20

Here is a picture of our princess from a 3D ultrasound a couple weeks back. We have another appointment this Friday, so we would like to ask for your prayers again that:
a) Jenelle and I are not overly stressed or anxious
b) That we get our miracle when the test come back


Original pic:

Oct 24

Jenelle and I are in for a round of hospital meetings today. Another ultrasound, NICU consultation, and mental health counseling appt. so we would appreciate your prayers that
A) still holding out for a miracle; would be nice to start the day with "your daughters condition has significantly improved"
B) peace and calm during our other 2 meetings. Making a birth plan and talking through all the possibilities for our situation won't be fun.

Thank you again for your support.

Oct 28

Sorry about the delayed update. The appointments on Friday didn't shed much new light on our situation, and I procrastinated writing a post afterward. 
Here is how the day went:

We went to breakfast first. I felt that going into a long day at the hospital without proper nourishment was setup for a bad day. Therefore we enjoyed our favourite foods at Sandyview Farms before heading in. I'm glad we did, because we never did get lunch.

Our first appointment was an ultrasound. It started late, and poor Jenelle had to pee so bad she was in pain. Once we got in they told us that she didn't need to have a full bladder anyway and let her go to the washroom immediately. I laughed. I then got in trouble.
The worst part of the ultrasound was when I thought they were looking at her skull, but everything looked wrong. I asked what was on the screen and they said it was her brain. There is a large buildup of fluid now though and it looks like its development has taken a turn for the worst. It was not even recognizable to me, and we have seen her brain many times before.  It does not look good. 
The 'good' news from the ultrasound was that her rib cage is larger than they thought it would get; meaning that she may be able to breathe after birth (this is the top reason she is expected not to live long). 
We also discovered that Jenelle has additional amniotic fluid; which is causing her to be larger than expected and also decreases her sensitivity to feeling her kicks and movements.

After that meeting we met with our NICU doctor. He talked to us about what to expect after she is born, and we created a mini birth plan for what the doctors should do when she comes. We will have another meeting with him closer to term, but now something is in place if she comes early. 
Our current birth plan is for comfort care and skin on skin touch after birth. Instead of artificially prolonging her life, our doctors have been instructed to ensure she is in no pain and we get as much quality time with her as possible.
I really liked this doctor, and this meeting was, surprisingly, pleasant. That is probably the wrong word to describe it, but it is amazing how 'normal' something like this can become. I am not sure if there are no tears left, or if we are just to tired to grieve it out; but it sometimes seems to easy to have these discussions. And not always feeling horrible sometimes makes me feel a new type of horrible.

Our last meeting was with a hospital counsellor. She was nice. She seemed to be new at the job, but was eager to be helpful. Jenelle really liked her. 
She said we were doing good. She expressed a little worry about how i was doing; but Jenelle defended me saying I was grieving too.

After we finished with her we went to Kingsway for dinner. I had Shumka Ukrainian; I had always wanted to try their perogies. 
A weirdly normal end, to a messed up day.

So, our prayer requests are simple, and the same as always
1) full healing for our little girl. We believe God can heal. We do not believe healing is a given, nor that we can force God to do it. In the end, it is His decision. That isn't stopping us from begging, pleading, crying out to petition Him though. We hope you join us. 
2) prayer for Jenelle and my mental states. Pray for comfort. Pray for wisdom. Pray for joy. 
Anxiety and depression are two of the scariest things right now. Please pray they do not take hold. 
3) because of the extra amniotic fluid, Jenelle is experiencing more discomfort than she has before. Please pray that the discomfort is relieved and that she doesn't get to large. (Her words, not mine)
4) Jenelle is worried she may go into preterm labour. This is partially related to #2, bit please do pray she doesn't. The longer baby is in the womb, the better chances we will get to meet her.

Thanks everyone, and sorry for the delay. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers… more than you probably know. 
It has been wonderful seeing old friends, and some strangers, come out of the woodwork to touch base with us and encourage us. We thank you so much. 
And thanks to our friends and family who have been holding us up. Your support is invaluable. It is great to see your faithfulness through this.

Good nite everyone.

Nov 20

Just wanted to update you all (I always wait till the last moment, I'm sorry).

Tomorrow we are going in for another round of tests and meetings. So, like always, please say a prayer that things go well.

Jenelle is now in her third trimester, and this has proven to be more difficult time for her physically. 

One problem is that she has had an increased amount of nausea, more than she has had up to this point.

Second, one of the common side-effects that accompanies a baby with genetic problems is that the mother ends up having a lot more amniotic fluid than she should. 

In Jenelle's case, she was measuring 38 week along last Friday; she was 29 weeks. She has grown more since. :(

This complicates things because we had originally decided against doing an amniocentesis, because we didn't feel there were any real benefits vs the possible risks. However, now it looks like they will *have* to drain some of the fluid in order to stop her body from entering labour early (based on her size triggering the process).

So, (1) she is (obviously) quite worried about the procedure itself, and (2) we are both afraid that it may trigger early labour; decreasing our chance to spend any time with our baby. (The earlier she comes, less likely she will survive for long; if at all)

On top of that meeting, and likely procedure, we also have meetings with hospital bereavement counsellors and an ultrasound. 

So, please continue praying for us and our baby. We still believe that God can overcome in this situation, even though it is medically impossible. And, at the same time, we are preparing for the worst.

Thanks again, and God bless you. :)

Nov 21

Appointment today was pretty status quo. They are not going to drain any fluid (due to risk of detaching placenta from uterine wall), which was both a relief to us and adds worry that she will come early. 
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated.

Nov 29 

It has been really hard for Jenelle lately. Her back and ligament pain has brought her to tears many times. I also understand how sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture. It also amplifies the stress of the pain. 
Please say a prayer for Jenelle. Also, if you have any tips for pain management, we are open to hearing them. :)

Nov 30

Just wanted to update you guys.

We had an OB appointment on Friday but, because of the snow storm, we missed it. :( we tried calling in to cancel/reschedule but finally hung up after 68min on hold (the downside of cell phones as our main lines)
Saturday night we went out to Jenelle's work party, and ended up spending most of the evening at the hospital because Jenelle was having some alarming symptoms. Thankfully, we were allowed to go home at ~2am, and Jenelle even got a shot of morphine (and gravol) for a her pain/nerves. Sadly, we are left with more worries about what is actually happening. 
We are hoping to get into our OB tomorrow, or first thing Tuesday, to make sure things are okay. 
We also have a meeting with palliative care on Tuesday, Dec 2; we would love prayer for.

Jenelle is currently measuring at ~43 week (she is 31) and we are really worried her body is going to go into 'actual' preterm labour soon.
So, please keep us in your prayers. We have nothing without God's grace.

I am also starting to feel like these posts are just lists of the negative things happening to us, so here are a few positives we have had lately. 
1) Jenelle has been feeling baby a lot more lately. The fluid occasionally makes it hard for her to feel, but it has been really encouraging lately. I also get to feel her moving and kicking quite a bit. It is really nice to be able to feel her little movements. :)
2) Jenelle was able to get a great sleep last night (morphine?) and felt more rested today. 
3) We got our full maternity pictures from our photographer, Brandy, yesterday and we love them. We will share some soon.

Thank you again for all your support.

Dec 1

Well, a lot can happen in a day. Jenelle is currently admitted at the Alex on best rest. Would love your prayers.
She is mostly in for pain management; but also because her body seems to be preparing for labour. 
We were really hoping that baby would stay in until at least January; but now it looks like it may be within the week. 
We need your prayers now, and will need even more afterward. I probably won't update as much in the next while, but I will try. 
Thanks. :)

If you want to stop by, send me a txt at 780.893.4463 first. We can have visitors at any time

Dec 3

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes everybody. 
Jenelle has now been checked into the antenatal ward at the Robbins Pavilion in the Lois Hole Women's Hospital in the Royal Alex (what-a-mouthful) for 3 days. 
On Monday we came in hoping to meet with her OB and were admitted, with Jenelle being put on active bed rest. 
Jenelle has been doing a lot better here than she was at home. She is much more calm knowing that she is minutes from health care (as opposed to 30+ min drive) and she has access to some pain relief drugs (as needed). 
My work is awesome and has granted me time off while this situation is happening, and so I get to sleep on a pullout in the room. I am still trying to do some work remotely, but I has been hard to find time thus far.
Our time up till now has been full of meetings with nurses, doctors, and counsellors. We have had amazing support here and I sometimes call it the Alex hotel in jest. 
This morning we finally got a good meeting with our OB to discuss what is happening and the upgraded status. 
The current plan is that Jenelle will be having a C-section on Monday morning. They do not think Baby will stay inside much longer than that, and they believe that it would be better to have everything controlled rather than emergency. 
We also have met with palliative care, and the bereavement counsellors to make plans for life and death decisions after the section. 
During the next five days we will be resting and preparing further for next Monday. We have had some really hard meetings about topics like post birth care/ decisions, cremation and memorials, and we also have also had a few friends and family come out and visit; brightening Jenelle and my days.

In the next five days, please pray for Jenelle (and me), our baby's health, and the medical professionals we believe God has prepared to assist us.

I am a little excited about meeting my daughter next week, but I am also terrified of losing her.

If you would like to stop by; please text first, and don't plan on a really long visit. We would love to see you, but we are really exhausted too. It is a fine balance we are trying to maintain.

Thanks again. We thank God for all of you daily. :)


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