Jenelle and Stephen have requested that instead of sending flowers that you consider the following alternatives instead.

1. Donate a Teddy Bear to the Royal Alex's Bereavement Program

Sadly, everyday families leave our local hospitals, with empty arms and a broken heart because they have lost their precious baby. Staff at the hospitals give a teddy bear to help fill those empty arms. These teddies are given, never to replace, but to represent a very wanted, loved baby.

Jenelle, Stephen, and some of the children in their families were blessed to receive a small teddy bear to symbolize and remember Lera with. They would like to pass on this favour by collecting more teddy bears to bless future families that face this tragedy.

Teddy Bear Requirements

  • Brand new
  • Med sized - not too big - 20" maximum - small is ok as these are used for families that have an earlier loss
  • Simple bears are the best - not too cheerful an expression, no clothes, no logos (i.e. - no breast cancer bears), neutral colours (i.e. brown, crème, white)
  • Something huggable and durable (these bears are slept with and cried with for years)

Please donate these directly to Jenelle and Stephen; they will deliver them on Lera's behalf

2. Help other hospitals get a CuddleCot

We are no longer collecting money for a CuddleCot. Please contact your local hospital group to see about any fundraisers that may be happening near you.

3. Donate directly to Jenelle and Stephen

Thanks for the thoughts, but we have shut this portion down. We are doing fine financially now. :)